How to select the Right Selenium Tool


Selenium is a popular and powerful automation testing platform. It is primarily used for testing web applications.

Selenium Test Scripts can be written in different programming languages such as C#, Python and Java, etc. Selenium Testing is the term used to describe testing performed with the Selenium tool. Selenium is a tool for automating testing across multiple web browsers.

Selenium WebDriver supports various browsers, including Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and allows you to automate browser testing across these browsers easily.

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Why Choose?

Selenium IDE

To learn more about automated testing concepts, Listed below:

  • Selenese commands such as assert, type, open, wait, verify, click, etc.
  • Executing customized JavaScript code using run Script
  • Locators such as CSS selector, name, id, XPath, etc.
  • Exporting test cases in different forms.
  • To create tests with no prior knowledge of programming.
  • Write simple test cases and test suites that can be exported to RC or WebDriver later.
  • To only test a web application against Firefox.
  • To create a test that is more expressive than Selenese.
  • Run your test on different operating systems using browsers (except HtmlUnit).
  • Use Selenium Grid to deploy your tests across multiple environments.
  • To test web applications with complex AJAX-based scenarios.

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Selenium WebDriver

  • To design your test case using a specific programming language.
  • To evaluate applications with a lot of AJAX-based functionality.
  • To use the HtmlUnit browser to run tests.
  • To generate test results that are tailored to the individual.

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Selenium Grid

  • To run Selenium RC scripts in multiple browsers and operating systems simultaneously.
  • To run a large test suite, that must be completed as soon as possible.

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