How does Automation Anywhere work?

Automation Anywhere is the world’s largest RPA software that allows organizations to automate the business process from start to finish. Companies increase the transaction speed – importing/exporting files, OCR file reading, automation data transfers, and data entry. This saves time and cost, and removes the error easily. RPA Automation Anywhere delivers an avenue to choose this innovative technology. AA includes built-in predictive analytics and AI technologies to offer greater business value. Explore How does Automation Anywhere works through the Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai. There are a plethora of opportunities for AA developers, enroll in FITA Academy to study more.

What is Automation Anywhere RPA?

Automation Anywhere Tool allows user-friendly RPA skills to automate the sales process that is controlled by humans. This automates various chores from basic to advanced level of Windows configuration. It helps to build scripts to perform multiple tasks easily. AA incorporates a key to manage end-to-end automated business tasks for organizations. AA components are listed below.

  • Bot Runner

A machine that permits to run the bot. 

  • Bot Creator

It authorizes developers to build bots to automate their desktop-based apps.

  • Control Room

An app that controls the entire execution and management of scripts, clients, roles, credentials, and security.

Features of Automation Anywhere Tool

ROI Calculator

The Return on Investment (ROI) allows businesses to assign financial value to their task. It also calculates the savings easily. ROI calculation analyzes the factors like 

  1. Knowledge capture
  2. Reduced error rates
  3. Automated troubleshooting
  4. Resource alignment

Process Invision

With this, a user can record and share the entire process captured in a video, PPT, or storyboard. It has lots of features, such as broad collaboration, instant recording, and automation eligibility. Enroll in Automation Anywhere Online Training to explore more.

Web Data Extraction

This extracts both structured and unstructured data. AA grows flexible to meet non-intrusive and all types of web technology. 

Visualize Technology

This technology is used for various processes in the Task editor, this captures image recognition using images and IF commands. Explore the Automation Anywhere Installation process with a specialist approach.


The user can record, run and test the actions. It is the right procedure to build a bot without using code. Three types of records are listed below:

  1. Screen Recorder – Captures activities like keyboard actions, mouse moves, and mouse clicks.
  2. Smart Recorder – provides more flexibility during recording. It also captures windows and web screens easily.
  3. Web Recorder – It is especially for data extraction, this automates web-oriented tasks without including any codes.

Cloud-Ready Architecture

Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA is installed and deployed on cloud provider platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure. It also offers infinite scalability and flexibility.

Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM)

It empowers the RPA bots to grow the entire stages of the software lifecycle. This feature covers the complete version of rollback, version comparison, and more. Join Automation courses in Chennai to study more about AA.

Task Editor

In AA, it is feasible to generate tasks with a drag and drop process. With task editor support, the user can create, alter, break down and improve the recorded tasks. It also includes:

  1. Loop actions
  2. Windows actions
  3. Clipboard actions
  4. Database actions
  5. Keyboard actions
  6. Conditional actions

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Trigger Manager

AA feature executes tasks or workflows based on external events like service startup.