How did Selenium Webdriver become popular?

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How did Selenium Webdriver become popular?

The webdriver offers to implement the object or item-oriented APIs (Application Programming Interface). That will be in proper design. Web Driver supports dynamic web pages in web applications, can be parsed without reloading the web page. The API and its native address are the enrichment of the Selenium Webdrivers.

Facebook, Googe, and many more online related enterprises use the selenium webdriver testing to test their web interfaces or Web API. To set a career path in the testing field, learn Selenium Training in Chennai at FITA Academy. It is the best institute to provide industry-oriented training.

In other words, to say about selenium webdriver creates the structural mechanism of the web page content before the test cases start, and Then Enables the content in dynamic form and approve the webdriver technique value & help to reuse the contents.

Selenium Webdriver Testing Features:

When the system continues in execution, the selenium webdriver not supports the server to use the application programming interfaces or test case programs. Selenium webdrivers will accept the server when interfacing with the remotely connected machines or when the test program’s appropriating the Selenium-Grid. Let’s see some features of webdriver testing.

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  1. Selenium Webdriver upgrades its usage in Java, PHP, or Python application programs. It means that webdriver testing will accept multiple languages like Perl, Ruby, C#, etc.
  2. It supports all types of interfaces in web applications and the elements of browsers. It doesn’t require any intermediate devices or medium to communicate. Browsers examples: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Etc.
  3. Few features of webdrivers allow writing the automation scripts using the different types of statements like Switch, conditional, decision making, and other scripting statements.
  4.  Performance and faster responsiveness: Without any server support, the webdriver communicates directly to the tests or test cases are ready for execution. Compared to other selenium testing tools, webdrivers give a faster response.
  5. Selenium webdrivers are portable to use between the tests, and it is an open-source program. We could modify it. To get career guidance and knowledge in selenium testing tools, call or visit our website to avail of Selenium Training in Bangalore.
  6. Webdrivers use the locators to get the various web elements. These elements will help to make easier for automation testing. Below are the most used Locators.,
  • Name
  • Class Name
  • ID
  • TagName
  • LinkText