How Appium Works on Each Device

How Appium Works on Each Device

Appium Server is authored in Node.js and operates the client-server architecture, wherein client devices intercommunicate with the server through a protocol. FITA Academy‘s Appium Training in Chennai offers worthy certification with 100% placement assistance.

To initiate a test automation session, the client computer makes a JSON Wire response to the Appium Server. Multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript, can be used to write the test code. The Appium server start a new test automation session, which required iOS and Android drivers. Here in this blog, we discuss How Appium Works on Each Device?. This will be helpful for your future.

How Appium Works on Each Device

Appium on Android Devices:

  • To begin a new test automation session, the client machine sends a request to the Appium server through JSON wire.
  • The automation test is efficiently created on the server. The server also validates the required capabilities. The server connects to the UI Automator framework, which is a primary automation testing framework for Android platform testing.
  • UI Automator will connect with the device’s bootstrap.jar, which will act as a TCP server. It works on both stimulators and emulators.
  • It transmits the testing log details to the UIAutomator, who then delivers them to the Appium Server. 

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Appium on iOS Devices:

  • The server contacts the XCUITest framework for iOS platform testing, which is a primary automation testing iOS framework that comes with Apple XCode.
  • Bootstrap.js accepts commands and executes tests on iOS devices. It transmits the test log information to the XCUITest, which then sends it to the Appium Server. This information is subsequently passed on to the client.

JSON Wire Protocol with Appium:

  • JSON Wire Protocol is a widely used standard for facilitating the communication between user libraries and servers in a distributed system. Appium is an open-source platform that makes use of the JSON wire capability.
  • It is JavaScript Object Notation, which represents complex data. It is a mechanism point that delivers the point-to-point data source.
  • The WebDriver in the Appium architecture facilitates communication between the client libraries and the Appium server by using the JSON Wire protocol across an HTTP REST request with JSON inputs.
  • It uses the socialization and program code methods to change object data into JSON format.


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