Why learning Selenium is important for Software Tester?

Selenium is an essential tool for testing which is supported by large developers of open source. This is one of the most popular automation tools in present days. Many of the companies are adopting the selenium than any other software testing tools. Selenium is the best platform for the software testers for sustaining in the IT industry.

Selenium is the most popular automation testing tool because of its cost. Many of the organizations are reducing cost and Commercial high-cost tools like MS visual, rational and QTP. It is the most cost effective automation tool for testing.

Drawbacks of Selenium tool

Selenium automation tool is not supported by the organizations which are robust. Selenium trends to more complex than commercial tools. Selenium Training in Chennai offers the well trained IT professionals as trainers. Sometimes you need to have the good knowledge of the open source tools. Some of the drawbacks of selenium are:

Lack of skilled selenium resources in the market high learning curves

There is no availability of good framework resource

 By the lack of programming languages in testers

Selenium is the ability to implement from beginning to ending by replacing the commercial tool

Selenium has the huge demand for skilled and well-trained selenium testers in the market. Selenium is actually the Webdriver and it’s a core component to harness the selenium. At present, the person who knows the Selenium has the many job offers from the IT industry.

How to learn the Selenium easily and quickly?

Many of the selenium training in Chennai offer the best training from the thousands of selenium training institutes. By joining in Selenium Training institute in Chennai, you can easily learn the selenium course. Most of the training institutes offer the videos and one to one interaction classes to all. Most of them used to learn the Selenium using the videos which are on YouTube.

How do I learn Selenium Course?

Selenium is the best testing automation tool for the fresher’s and professionals. They are offering the placements in top IT Companies. Selenium is the best platform for testing the web applications. Selenium Course in Chennai offers the placements in top IT Companies. This is the automated testing tool which will help the testers to test the web application. This is the automation testing tool which will explore the testing web application.

Prerequisites for training in Selenium

They should have the basic knowledge on the java programming.

They should have the knowledge on Manual Testing.

I hope this article will help you to know about the Selenium and join in Selenium Training institute in Chennai. For more interesting articles about Selenium, Stay Connected with us!