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H-1B visa is a very popular visa which allows US companies to employ the foreign workers for an expertise in fields such as Mathematics, Engineering etc. This H-1B visa is valid for a period of up to six years.


Some individuals may not be able to apply for H-1B. In that situation, the employer must petition for availing the visa for that particular individual. The application for those visas will start by April 2 of every year. But the work of the beneficiary cannot start until Oct 1.Now the present law for immigration allows about 85,000 new H-1B visas to be made available. Once this limit has been achieved, USCIP will stop receiving the upcoming visas.


The staff in peculiar occupation is only allowed for H-1B visa. They should meet at least one the following standards given below to qualify.

  • Should have minimum of bachelor’s or higher degree.
  • The individual with the necessary degree can only be able to perform the unique task of that industry.
  • The employer basically requires a degree holder.
  • The individual should have a bachelor’s or higher degree for performing the specialized duties.

For the individual to attain the job, he must meet the following criteria.

  • Should have completed a US bachelor’s degree from an accredited institute.
  • Should carry a degree equivalent to US bachelor’s degree which is related to that profession.
  • Should hold an unrestricted state license or declaration which approves you to be engaged in that particular program.
  • Should have undergone a training regarding that program and gained little experience or guidance in that specialty.

If the individual lacks experience or if it is not a specialty program then he may go for a H-2B visa. On the other hand, if the person is not eligible for H-1B then he may go for L-1 visa which is also a non-immigrant visa that has a validity of up to 7 years. For L-1 visa the individual must work in any of the branches of a US company which is outside US for a period of at least one year of the final 3 years.


This H-1B visa is generally given for up to 3 years, but it can be extended for about 6 years.

This H-1B visa is recognized as the dual intent category, which denotes that the individual can get a green card while in US on an H-1B visa. The person can apply for permanent residency to receive a green card while on H-1B visa. If you do not get your green card before the expiration of H-1B then you must live outside US for a period of one year.


Spouse and children 21 years of age of the H-1B visa holder can apply for H4 visa holder can apply for H4 visa and can stay there as long as H-1B visa holder is under legal condition. If student apply for higher studies they can seek help from some overseas consultants in Chennai, they would help you to get F-1 visa to stay and study for certain period of time. But H4 visa holder will not be eligible to work in US, they any enrolled in a school or may even open a bank account.

Source: Preston, Study Overseas Chennai