Everything you need to know about Excel and VMware

Excel is the most used software for manipulating and storing the data. VBA is used to write functions and applications for complicated processes. It is used to make sophisticated workbooks in Excel. Pre-defined parts are used to make easy programming. It has serious of features with this an individual can simplify complicated operations in Excel. Get the latest updates in Excel through Excel Training in Chennai, specialist guidance is helpful to learn the shortcut tricks. Use this opportunity and build your career in this field. Everyone needs to learn the excel shortcut keys. Without learning, it is difficult to work with Excel domain.

Enhance your Excel skills today

Learn the Excel shortcut keys, here is the list of shortcuts that is helpful to all.

Excel shortcuts (Previous Workbook or Next Workbook)

  1. Ctrl + Shift + Tab for Previous Workbook.
  2. Ctrl + Tab for Next Workbook.

It is for both Mac and Windows. Many times we need to switch various worksheets to the same workbook, shortcut to move next sheet to the left.

  1. For Mac – Fn + Ctrl + Up Arrow
  2. For Windows – Ctrl + PgUp

Shortcut to move next sheet to the right

  1. For Mac – Fn + Ctrl + Down Arrow
  2. For Windows – Ctrl + PgDn

Simple Excel shortcut keys

  1. Select All – Ctrl + A
  2. Save file – Ctrl + S
  3. New file – Ctrl + N
  4. Close file – Ctrl + F4
  5. Open file – Ctrl + O
  6. Save as – F12
  7. Select row – Shift + Space
  8. Select Column – Ctrl + Space
  9. Redo Action – Ctrl + Y
  10. Undo Action – Ctrl + Z

First shell Worksheet

  1. For Mac – Fn + Ctrl + Left Arrow
  2. For Windows – Ctrl + Home

Last shell Worksheet

  1. For Mac – Fn + Ctrl + Right Arrow
  2. For Windows – Ctrl + End

Adding non-adjacent cells to a selection

  1. For Mac – Command + Click in Mac
  2. For Windows – Ctrl + Click in Windows

Collapsing or Expanding Ribbon

  1. For Mac – Command + Option + R
  2. For Windows – Ctrl + F1

Adding a new line

  1. For Mac – Ctrl + Option + Return
  2. For Windows – Alt + Enter

Finding Next Match

  1. For Mac – Command + F
  2. For Windows – Ctrl + F

Bold, Underline and Italic


  1. For Mac – Command + B
  2. For Windows – Ctrl + B


  1. For Mac – Command + U
  2. For Windows – Ctrl + U


  1. For Mac – Command + I
  2. For Windows – Ctrl + I

Selecting the edge of the data

  1. Left Selection – Shift + Ctrl + Left Arrow
  2. Right Selection – Shift + Ctrl + Right Arrow
  3. Upward Selection – Shift + Ctrl + Up Arrow
  4. Downward Selection – Shift + Ctrl + Down Arrow

Windows Excel is using a virtual machine, it performs well. Using shortcuts keys will help to complete the work in the short span of time. Learn the latest updates of Excel through Advanced Excel Training. An individual can get back their data which was stored in Excel. Know more about cloud via VMware course.

Recent Updates of VMware

Learn the latest VMware vSphere 6.5. It provides operational efficiency and exceptional management simplicity. It also delivers VMware vSphere Integrated Containers and it helps for vSphere users to bring the containers into an existing vSphere.

  1. Discover how the customers are getting benefits of vSphere 6.5.
  2. vSphere 6.5 has been updated in July 2017, it also offers lots benefits of the cloud professionals.

VMware technologies specialize in the domain of cloud computing and Virtualization. VMware is a global leader, it imparting advanced technologies. Professionals who need to shift their career into Excel can field can approach VMware Training in Chennai. VMware will be good for the upcoming years.

Virtualization market is growing substantially. VMware saves your time and it deploys a virtual machine. It also reduces desktop management headaches. VMware vSphere Training will be the best choice to learn all about VMware cloud.

Hope this helps.

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