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Oracle Database

Generally, cloud supports for all types of business. With the support of cloud, each and every people can share their data from one to another with high security. Oracle Cloud is an ever-growing one and it offers high memory compute shapes for all devices. An individual can use the standard network connections for data maintenance. Day by Day, Oracle world is innovating new versions with best features. If you want to know more reach over at Oracle Training in Chennai and learn how to work with Oracle field.

New Versions list

  1. Oracle Database 10g
  2. Oracle Database 11g
  3. Oracle Database 12c

Oracle DB Cloud Service

It provides the flexibility and power for Oracle database.

Oracle DB Backup Service

This service hosted by Oracle cloud and it allows you to retrieve your database with high security.

Start to learn Oracle Cloud

Oracle is an emerging one in the current world. Currently, there is a huge demand for Oracle cloud developers. Are you ready to learn cloud course, step into Oracle course in Chennai, Is training will help you to solve complex problems? Our experts provide Cloud learning for the following services.

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  2. Human Capital Management Cloud
  3. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PL and SQL developers work with Oracle database. The responsibilities for these developers include program writing, queries, functions and much more. The structured database uses the Structured Query Language for data manipulation. At the same time, it is responsible for report generation, Oracle cloud app development, graphic designing and much more.

Role of DBA

The main role of Oracle DBA is to maintain the database. Oracle DBA is responsible for installing, maintaining, configuring the data and troubleshooting issues related to the database. Get to know how helpful the Oracle is, if you are interested to learn more about DBA, prefer Oracle DBA Training in Chennai. They will guide you how to install the Oracle DB software in a step by step manner.

Oracle 11g

Oracle 11g is an entry-level database, it helps to enable IT level organization to improve their service levels and maintain the database.

Oracle 11g Certification course

  1. Create and manage the users
  2. Perform backup and recovery
  3. Install and configure the database
  4. Administer the Oracle DB

Is Oracle Database worth Learning?

Of course, learning Oracle saves your time and money. A programming language is not necessary to learn Oracle Database. Oracle RDBMS is a database technology