Advantages of selenium

selenium training in chennaiSelenium is a software testing tool which available as an open source and it is free. Selenium is used by majority of the online enterprises which includes facebook and Google. Installing selenium is a onetime setup process and once it is installed the testing would be done without any hindrance. Using selenium requires expertise and a solid training; this would help the tester to explore full functionality. Selenium is very good to generate test scripts, validate functionality and reuse these scripts in automated test frameworks. Let’s take a look at the advantages of selenium as discussed in the selenium course in Chennai.

  • Using selenium is free

If a user wants to use selenium testing tool then it is very easy to install and to get started with the tool. Once the user has downloaded the software then it fully free and there would be no hidden costs. At any time if anything goes wrong then the support is also fully free. The main advantage of selenium is that it s a community based tool, there would be professionals all around the world in that community and they would be available to support you at any point of time.

  • Selenium runs on  multiple browser

Selenium runs across all the major browsers which are available. This increases the usability of the tool and increases the flexibility to use the tool. According to selenium training in Chennai this is one of the major advantages of selenium. Multiple browsers supported.

  • Selenium can work with multiple languages

Selenium has its own scripting language, although having its own scripting language the tester using selenium can use the language which they are comfortable with. For e.g. they can use C++, java , PHP, python and others whichever they feel comfortable with. This plays major role and this can be the reason why majority of the developers choose for selenium.

  • Selenium supports many reporting tools.

Selenium does not restrict QA’s choice of reporting tools, build systems or any other aspect of their testing framework. It integrates well with popular tools such as Hudson etc.

  • Selenium supports easy testing.

Selenium scripts are created by recording actions using the web applications under test running in a browser. These scripts can be saved and re-run at anytime. When you join the best selenium training institute in Chennai you will come to know that selenium tests can be created manually through the use of web development tools such as firebug.

Below are only the few advantages of selenium for more in depth knowledge join selenium training in Chennai, and make your career bright with the help of professionals.

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