Advantages of holding a CCNA certificate

ccna course in chennaiCisco started to offer CCNA certificates from the year 1998 and there are as many as 1 million certificates issued by cisco. This huge numbers are not achieved by cisco by luck or chance. These numbers are achieved because this certificate has a good value, and this certificate is recognized across the globe and it adds value to the professional career.  This certificate is considered to be very prestigious for the people who are working in the field of networking thus choosing the best institute for your CCNA course in Chennai is very important. Experienced employees as well freshers who have just entered the networking world should have this certificate as this adds value to their career.  Below we are going to discuss the benefits of holding a CCNA certificate.

  • Understanding the networking better.

In order to get the CCNA certificate the candidate should pass examinations and after successfully completing the exams the candidates would get good knowledge about networking. Even if the candidate is having ears of experience then also if he prepares for the exams then he would gain sufficient and good knowledge about the subject.

There is much advancement in the industry as a whole and all the major topics are covered and the syllabus is up to date so that you can get to know what latest trends in the industry are and it would help you to get a good knowledge of the subject. To take the next step in your career CCNA training in Chennai would be helpful.

  • Certifications from cisco.

After successfully completing the exams you have the right to use the CCNA name in your resume as well as in your visiting cards. You will be awarded with a certificate from cisco as a mark of trust and authenticity. This certificate has a validity of three years.  Apart from a certificate you will get a card of CCNA from cisco which would add value to the resume and professional career.

  • A good growth in the career.

Holding a certificate of CCNA from cisco will surely help you in career advancement and taking a leap in your networking career. This would also help you to get a promotion or a salary hike provided you have a prior experience in the field.

These are the top three benefits of holding a CCNA certificate and there are many other benefits which you can get. For more details join the best CCNA training institute in Chennai.