5 Things to become a better PHP developer

PHP is the most used web development language for developing the websites. PHP is used in developing many of the websites like Wikipedia and Facebook and even in some of the largest open source projects like WordPress and Drupal. For freshers who are interested in starting their career in IT industry, they can join in PHP Training in Chennai.

Using PHP core functions and classes

Check out the PHP manual before creating your own functions. There is no need of creating the function for removing the white spaces even at the beginning and end of the strings while you use the trim () function. For building the XML parser for RSS feeds when you take the PHP’s XML Parser functions.

Creating the Configuration File

For the database connection settings, you don’t need to scatter everywhere, why you cannot just create the master file which contains the settings, and include it in the PHP scripts? For editing the details, you can do in one file instead of several files. For learning these things to become the good PHP developer, join in PHP Course in Chennai. It is used when you need to use the constants and functions at different scripts.

Sanitizing the Data which will go into the Database

For sanitizing the database inputs is the best way to get rid of the problems by using the SQL injections. Learning the popular ways of your application can compromise and get the understanding of what are SQL Injections?

By using this function together with the (htmlspecialchars) which will convert the reserved HTML characters, by not only protecting the database

Turning on the error in development Stage

Building the application, which leaves the error reporting and displays errors by turning on to see the run-time errors which will help you to identify the errors.  By setting up the runtime configurations in the server’s PHP file. Without having the access to override the directives in the file, by setting them on the top of the PHP scripts.

By turning on the error reporting the errors can fastly fix. You will not care about the error messages which are given by the PHP, even those usually signal to the memory related issue. For becoming the better PHP developer, join in PHP Training institute in Chennai. By turning on the error reporting, you can easily set up the values to the production ready level.

Documentation of the code using the comments in scripts, which is definitely the good practice. This practice helps to comment every single line. This helps you to comment the complicated parts of the source code. No need to explain the coding, when you have designed the coding well.

Keeping the Handy Coding Snippets

You may code the same things throughout the PHP development career by keeping the coding snippets available to you for saving the time. There are many apps which can keep and sync your code snippet collection.

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